Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset - FREE SHIP DEALS
Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset - FREE SHIP DEALS
Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset - FREE SHIP DEALS

Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Stylish and Comfortable

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Tired of holding your phone near your ear every time you get a call? Then this unique wireless Bluetooth headset just might be for you! The Bluetooth headset houses an in-built HD microphone with high sensitivity that makes this Headset ideal for calling purposes.
The headset is also compatible with every mobile phone that supports Bluetooth and aside from being compatible the Headset is also very easy to pair. The Bluetooth headset is powered by a 50 mAh battery which allows it to give out a massive 4 hours of talk time.
The compact design makes the headset very portable and with its stylish design, the Wireless headset can be worn in any surroundings. The headset is also made out of very strong plastic and is available in a number of colors.


  • A lightweight design made from hard plastic that makes it very comfortable and easy to carry
  • Easy to pair with any smartphone
  • An in-built HD microphone which makes the headset ideal for calling and other work use
  • Supports advanced audio distribution profiles for good sound quality during calls
  • 50 mAh battery for up to 4 hours of talk time and 3.5 hours of joyful music
  • Built-in red and blue LED light for notifications
  • Available in a number of colors


  • Compatibility: supports every Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
  • Available Colors: Blue / Black / Grey / Pink / White
  • Weight: 35g