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Useful Oval Makeup Brush Set Holder

Useful Oval Makeup Brush Set Holder

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A useful oval brush set holder row stand that keeps all the brushes in one place. The brush holder has a capacity of holding 10 brushes at once. Always have a messy counter and losing your brushes in the heap then this is the product for you. This useful stand can change how your counter looks like and gives it a touch of elegance. Staying at a hostel or have to share your room with others,so your brush may get mixed with all others then keep your brushes assorted with the brush stand holder.

While getting ready for your day this product could save you a lot of time keeping all your brushes at one place. This holder is an ideal product for organizing your counter. The brush set holder comes with an amazingly affordable price. 


  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Keeps all the brushes in one place
  • The capacity of holding 10 brushes at once
  • This stand would change your counters look
  • A great product for organizing


  • Material: High-Quality Plastic
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 10 brushes