USA Star Shaped Pendant - FREE SHIP DEALS
USA Star Shaped Pendant - FREE SHIP DEALS

USA Pendant Necklace – Unique Look and Sleek Design – Show Off Your Patriotism With Style!

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Tell everyone about how proud you are of your nation by wearing our amazing pendant necklace! Designed for both men and women, our special pendant necklace is made with 100% high-quality material. Because of this reason, the accessory is completely rust-free and can withstand almost any kind of damage. Also, as the pendant does not weigh much at all, you will be able to wear it without feeling any kind of discomfort.

Other than the glorious Independence Day, you can wear the pendant necklace on some other special occasions or casual outings. Also, the necklace comes with an 18 inches long chain, so it will fit with anyone quite comfortably.

Add our exquisite star-shaped pendant to your amazing collection with just a click and wear it with the perfect outfit to elevate your overall look. 


  • Features the beautiful national flag of the United States of America which is surrounded by glossy looking crystals
  • Can be paired with any kind of outfit such as the formal as well as the informal outfits
  • Specifically designed and shaped like a star which improves the overall look of the pendant by a mile
  • You will also be able to carry the accessory on your purse as the pendant is quite small
  • Makes an excellent gift idea for several special occasions such as a birthday, Christmas Day, Easter or even the Valentine’s Day


  • Color: Blue/White/Red
  • Chain Length: 18 inches