Clip Strips – Clip On And Save On Your Spices
Clip Strips – Clip On And Save On Your Spices
Clip Strips – Clip On And Save On Your Spices

Clip Strips – Clip On And Save On Your Spices

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A kitchen is a place which requires efficient management. The compact, neat, clean, and proper segregation of the food items into wet and dry makes the work easier to maintain the food and increase their longevity. Also, it is difficult to maintain all kinds of desk and shelves for the varying sizes of bottles or jars used.

No worries anymore! We bring to you a clip strip, easy to organize all your short jars into one place. The clip strips is basically a long strip with multiple holders for the bottles and jars arranged in an array. It sticks to your kitchen cabinet easily with the easily removable slip. The best part-the individual strips with holders can be moved and can be used to fit anywhere.

The extra-strong adhesive is suitable for the majority of the walls of the cabinets, tiles, etc. So looking for those tiny little jars or bottles of spices won’t require a search squad. 


  • It is a jar or bottle holder attached to a big strip
  • Usually, a strip contains 8 holders in a one strip
  • The clip strips can be attached to various surfaces with its strong adhesive
  • The whole long strip can be cut into individual strips as per usage
  • It helps to organize the available space into neat compartments
  • It saves time and energy required to search for small or medium sized jars, otherwise difficult to find out


  • Material: PP
  • Dimensions: 55.5x2.5 cm or 21.8x0.98 inches
  • Quantity: 8 clip strips