Food Wrapper Dispenser - FREE SHIP DEALS
Food Wrapper Dispenser - FREE SHIP DEALS

Food Wrapper Dispenser – Easier and Tidier!

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Keeping a left-over food item or freshly cut item to ensure its freshness is a challenging task. Mostly it is stacked in containers and left unnoticed until it is all spoiled. Here is when our novel plastic wrapper comes with its dispenser. This dispenser can also work efficiently with other kinds of wrapping materials like aluminum, parchment paper, etc.

With the proper spring loaded system, the plastic wrap is effortlessly rolled-out and cut in the desired manner. Hence one can easily wrap up their foods in quick time. It can be easily transported when moving outdoors. With its easy storage and universal size, it can fit into any type of kitchen drawer.  


  • A plastic food wrapper dispenser
  • It is a must-have kitchen tool for wrapping up your left-over or cut foods
  • Can work with aluminium foil, plastic wraps, and other kinds of paper
  • Fits all of your favorite brands and standard with 200 feet rolls with width up to 30cm or 12 inches
  • Medium weight and compact enough to be stored easily


  • Size: 200 feet x 30 cm or 12 inches