10 Piece Crimson Brush Set - FREE SHIP DEALS
10 Piece Crimson Brush Set - FREE SHIP DEALS
10 Piece Crimson Brush Set - FREE SHIP DEALS

Crimson Makeup Brush Set

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Our 10 pieces of Crimson Makeup Brush Set bring you a fantastic ten makeup brush set that is of professional quality.

It is the perfect makeup brush set for your daily makeup. These brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to create a beautiful face and eye makeup application.

This set includes an eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, contour brush, and eyelash, eyebrow brush for daily use.

This ten-piece crimson brushes set are designed by professional makeup artists and includes a case that will allow you to keep your brushes neat hygienic and always in one place. The material used for making the brush bristles is very smooth and harmless.

These are the best because they don't penetrate or irritate your skin. You will find all you need in this ten-piece crimson brush set.


  • Ten-piece set providing complete makeup blending solution
  • Made with skin-friendly fiber, which will not irritate your skin
  • Best for application of all powders and creams
  • Comes with a pouch to keep all brushes in one place


  • Brushes: 10 in Number
  • Size: Varies With Brush
  • Additional Products: Pouch to Carry Brushes