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Just Breathe Hand Stamped Ring - Special Gift With An Earthy Charm!

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You don't need an occasion to make your lady feel special. Give her this lovely ring with a flower stamped inside and see how she blossoms like one. It is a very romantic and unique gift with a cute flower engraved. If you want something sweet yet not very formal or even too casual, then this is the take for you.

This silver ring is hand stamped made with the age-old metal smithing techniques. It has a rustic charm and boasts an earthly creation. Fall in love with this love-filled ring made with artisan craftsmanship. It has a soft brushed finish and a message which takes your stress away and reminds you of what you got to do in life.

It is perfectly engraved with a message which reads, "just breathe". This engraving enhances the overall look of the ring. Give her this random gift, and she'll have love wrapped around her fingers.


  • Silver hand stamped ring with a flower engraved inside
  • Features a comforting engraving which says, "Just Breathe"
  • Has a rustic look and an earthy charm
  • Has a distinctive look with 1.5 turns
  • A beautiful gift to make your lady feel special