Himalayan Salt Lamp - Humidifier
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Humidifier

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Humidifier

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When the crystal salt lamp is warmed, negative ions are released, absorb moisture, and neutralized the superfluous positive ions in the air. The Himalayan Salt Lamp - Humidifier can be regarded as a natural ion generator.

Crystal salt lamps can purify the air and remove smoke and foul smell from the air; Absorbs and removes dust mites, pollen, micro-spore, and germs in the air. Can adjust allergies, asthma, and other commonly children's diseases, while regulating the immune system. It can naturally adjust and suppress high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by electrical appliances.
The light of the natural crystal salt lamp is soft and pleasing, which is unmatched by any artificial lighting. It can effectively relieve the fatigue of the eye and make the eyes more comfortable. Its soft light can help you relax, stabilize your emotions, have the power of purification and sobriety, and is also very effective in healing and cultivating souls. Very good for office and home.
Himalayan crystal salt lamps come from natural minerals, so each one is unique. This is a gift from Earth. When the silent night comes, wait for the 300 million-year-old Himalayan crystal salt lamp to feel the quiet space and breathe pure air. Experience aestheticism, relax your tight nerves and return to unpretentious nature.

Using a natural crystal salt ore. After the salt lamp is lit, a large number of negative ions can be quickly released through heating, which can effectively improve the air quality and purify the air. 

Salt crystal unique natural orange-pink light can help relieve stress and relieve fatigue. 
  • Power supply: USB input 
  • Material: ABS+PC+ Electronic Components 
  • Rated voltage: DC5V 
  • Size: 94 X 94 X 141 mm/3.7 X 3.7 X 5.55 in 
  • Working current: 100-600mA 
  • Power cable length: 1.2 m 
  • Rated power: 3W 
  • Function: Night light, ambient light, negative Ion Lamp