Car Seat Warmer - FREE SHIP DEALS
Car Seat Warmer - FREE SHIP DEALS
Car Seat Warmer - FREE SHIP DEALS
Car Seat Warmer - FREE SHIP DEALS
Car Seat Warmer - FREE SHIP DEALS

Cozy Car Seat Warmer – Your Comfort is Most Important!

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A cozy car seat warmer for driving at comfort on all seasons! The car seat is easy to use and provides different heating modes for better convenience. All the functions are remotely controlled using a small remote is provided with the car seat. It not only works as a car seat warmer but also be used as a heating pad in any situation. The car seat warmer is not only good for the winter but to whom who suffers from back pain the heating while driving can soothe their pain and makes the ride cozy and bearable.

The car seat warmer is very easy to install as it is constructed keeping in mind the comfort of the passenger just put the two straps on the seat and you are good to go.

This seat warmer is user-oriented and made to provide comfort while traveling the car seat warmer has different heating modes for different needs. It heats up quickly to your required temperature. The cozy car seat warmer can be a great gift for Christmas or any special occasions. 


  • Driving at comfort, all-season around
  • Easy to use, with different modes of temperature
  • Remote-controlled functions
  • The car seat warmer can also be transformed into a heating pad when required
  • Assembled in a way to get the perfect fit on the seat
  • Gets heated according to your required temperature quickly
  • A perfect Christmas gift for a cozy ride


  • Size: 97× 47 × 1 cm
  • Power consumed: 32- 44 watt
  • Temperature Control: High / Low / Off