Top 10 Must-Haves For The Summer

With the summer season quickly approaching, we curated a list of 10 essential items you need to create lasting memories with your friends and family. We thought of it all! From fun to functional, this list will have you prepared to have an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Let’s jump right into it!

#1. Water Balloons

For those hot summer days, these water balloons will help you and your friends and family cool down while still having a blast! The best part of these balloons is that they are extremely easy to use, as it incorporates an automatic knotting design, so young children would be able to tie them by themselves. These balloons are also made from quality materials like biodegradable organic latex. In other words, less cleaning up for you!

#2. Motion Activated Lights

When the sun sets these motion activated lights will bring life to your vehicle whether it be a bike, skateboard or car! With a variety of different colors to choose from you can customize your wheels to your liking. These lights are also extremely easy to install, so you can ride the rainbow in no time.

#3. Soft Leathered Bike Seat

This soft leathered bike seat will suit all your bike riding comfort needs! We all know that regular bike seats don’t cut it anymore as they are typically too hard, rigid, and poorly shaped. This bike seat includes a multitude of features that enhance the biking experience such as: LED lights, shock absorption, and high-density memory foam for a very comfortable ride. 

#4. Magnetic Mesh Insect Screen

Have you ever opened your front door only for a pesky fly to rush on into your house uninvited? Well this magnetic mesh screen is perfect for preventing unwanted guests into your home. This device is super easy to install and not to mention operate, simply walk through the mesh screen and it will close right behind you automatically! If you don’t want to deal with the headache of a fly buzzing around for hours, this is the product for you!

#5. Solar Flame Flickering Lamp Torch

Impress your guests with these flickering lamp torches or simply add some eye catching decor to your garden! These torches utilize LEDs that flicker warm yellow lights that replicate natural dancing fire. The torches are solar powered, so as long as they are in direct sunlight, their simulated flame will never go out!

#6. Solar Powered Fountain Pump

A show stopping garden decoration that is entirely solar powered! These devices have multiple applications, whether it be a bird bath, fish tank, or small pond, this solar powered water fountain fits all! This product comes with different fountain heads for different water patterns in case you want to make a water show.

#7. Mosquitos Killer Trap USB

Mosquitos are universally hated for good reason, they ruin any outdoor activity. With this device you simply do not have to worry about them anymore! This mosquito trap uses LED technology to attract those pests into the trap. It is best used in darker environments.

#8. Electric Heated Socks

These electric heated socks will keep your toes warm even when the weather isn’t. Perfect for camping trips and other overnight activities. These socks are also machine washable, so they can seamlessly transition into your wardrobe.

#9. Portable Charging Station

We all know running low on your phone battery sucks. This product combats that issue and provides an additional 3 ports for your friends and family to use! This portable charging station is especially useful when you are traveling this summer.

#10. Bluetooth Speaker

You are going to need a soundtrack for your summer, and this Bluetooth speaker can help you do that! This Bluetooth speaker is water resistant and can stick on most flat surfaces. Coming in five different colors you can choose the one that fits you the most!

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